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The body is one of the largest and most complicated body in the human body. It includes more than 100 billion nerves. ... brain and the rest of the brain.The basic functions, such as breathing and sleep are controlled.

The brain is made of many specific areas working together:
  • Cartax is the outer layer of brain cells. Thinking and voluntary movement begins in the continent.
  • The brain is between the spinal cord and the rest of the brain. The basic functions like breathing and sleep are controlled here.
  • Basel Gangia is a group of clusters at the center of the brain. Basal ganglia cooperative messages between multiple brain areas.
  • Pepper based and behind the brain. Rooster is responsible for the direction and balance.

The brain is also divided into several tables:

  • Front packages are responsible for solving the problem and are responsible for decision and motor function.
  • Peripheral handle sensing senses, manual writing and body status.
  • Temporary axis are included with memory and hearing.
  • Contipital lobes contain visual processing system of the brain.
  • The brain is the drug name which rotates by a layer of tinue. Skull (cranium) protects the brain from injury.

State of Mind

  • There are many types of headache; Some can be serious but are not mostly and are usually treated with analgesics / pain drillers.
  • Blood flow and oxygen is suddenly blocked in the area of brain tissue, which is later dying. Blood in the brain, or blood flow, is the cause of most strokes.
  • A patient in the brain develops a weak area that rotates like a street. A brain anchorage can cause a stroke.
  • Under the river or hollow under the skull, the skull inside the skull. A sub structure can stress the hematma brain, due to neurological problems.
  • Skull between the tissue (Dora) and the skull and the skull, usually after the head injury. Earlier light symptoms can grow rapidly for anxiety and death, if illegitimate.
  • Any blood flow inside the brain.
  • Brain injury causes temporary brain problems. The most common mixture of traumatic head injuries.
  • Brain tissue inflammation in response to injury or electromagnetic imbalance.

Development of any unusual tissue inside the brain. Whether neutral (cancer) or benzheimer's, tumor tumor usually cause problems through the pressure on the common brain.

  • An aggressive, neutral brain tumor (cancer). Brain glioblastomas are very difficult to rapidly develop and treat.
  • Much of the brain has increased in the pepper brain inside the skull. Usually it is because fluid does not rotate properly.
  • There is a form of hydrophysilic that often causes dementia and ideal failure to cause problems. Despite increasing fluid, pressure inside the brain remains normal.
  • Led infections around the brain or spinal cord, usually infection. Hard neck, neckache, headache, fever and tasty are common symptoms.
  • Infection of brain tissue, usually with a virus infection. Fungus, headache, and confusion are common symptoms.
  • Permanent brain loss from painful headaches. Clear mental disorders, or more fine personality and mood changes may occur.
  • Nerve in a central area of the brain causes problems with slowly, motion and harmony. Intensity of hands is a common starting point.
  • Having inherited nervous effects that affects the brain. Dementia and hard control movement (Korea) are its symptoms.
  • Trend to collapse. Headaches and strokes may suffer, but there is usually no reason.
  • Reduction of severe verbal result of death or disorder of nervous cells in the brain. Brain disorders, as well as the installation and strokes used in the use of alcohol, can be dominated by Dominia.
  • For unusual reasons, nervousness causes specific development of dementia in areas of specific brain. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of Dominia.
  • Pocket infection pockets, usually by bacteria. Antibiotics and area surgery is often necessary

Brain Test

  • Takes X-ray more than a scanner, in which the computer changes the detailed images of the brain and the skull.
  • Using a radio waves in the magnet field, an MRI scanner creates very detailed images of the brain and other heads.
  • Special substance called doctors as a "opposite agent" is injected into veins and travels into the brain. X-ray video of brain is taking away, which show problems in brain orthopedic.
  • A special MRI scan of brain tones. A MRA scan can show a second blood glucose or stroke.
  • An injection is inserted in space around the spinal groove, and fluid is removed for analysis. Lumar Punch is often used when meningitis is suspected.
  • The brain activity is monitored through the electrodes placed on the head. EE can help diagnose attacks, or diagnose other brain problems.
  • Neutral testing: Trouble of problem solving, short-term memory, and other complex brain tests. Usually, neuroccupic testing is done by questionnaire.
  • In small cases, a small piece of brain is necessary to diagnose the brain's condition. Mind biopsy is usually done when information is required to provide proper treatment.
  • Brain treatment
  • Injection-in-clipped-in-cart drugs are given within a few hours of starting symptoms if some strokes can be improved.
  • Instant Agents: To help prevent bleeding epidemic and epidemiologic (pulse) medicines. It can reduce the chance of a stroke.
  • Cholinesterase Prevention: These medicines can improve a little brain work in light or moderate alzheimer's disease. They do not slow down or prevent alzheimer's disease.
  • Anti antibiotics: Due to brain infection due to bacteria, antibiotics can kill biology and are more likely to treat.
  • A medicine that increases the level of dopamine brain, which helps in controlling the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
  • Brain surgery: An operation on the brain can treat some brain tumor. The brain surgery can be demonstrated by increasing stress at any time in the brain threatens brain tissues.
  • A groove is placed in the natural spaces inside the brain. Generally, ventolicolytomy is shown to remove the pressure of high brain.
  • Practice a hole toward skull side to remove a high pressure.
  • A groove is placed in the fluid around the spinal cord. It can prevent stress in mind and spinal cord.
  • If the brain affects the brain, the radiation can reduce signs and reduce cancer growth.

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